Cross Country State Meet 2018


Article from the Marietta Journal on 11/2/18






The Varsity trip to Decatur, AL paid off for the Raiders. The team competed in the Jesse Owens Classic on October 6th with great results. The Red Girls won first place, the Red Boys were in second place and the Gold Girls were in 4th place. Here are the top 20 athletes in each category:


Red Girls - Emily McNeice (2nd), Isabela Bazan (3rd), Rachel Sommer (4th), Anna Pachon (6th), Zelda Williams (8th)

Red Boys - Wylie Bingham (2nd), Caden Kelly (6th), Mason Bridgers (12th), Harrison Waddell (15th)

Gold Girls - Abigail Robertson (20th)


Great job Raiders!




Wingfoot XC Classic was held on September 22, 2018 at Sam Smith Park. The JV Championship Girls placed 2nd out of 31 teams and the Varsity girls placed 7th out of 34 teams. Congratulations! 



Cobb County Championships were held at the Allatoona Creek Park. JV Girls came in first place. Both Varsity Girls and JV Boys came in 2nd place and Varsity Boys took 3rd place. The top ten athletes in each category were as follows:


Varsity Girls - Abigail Robertson (5th), Ellen Chamberlain (9th)

Varsity Boys - Zac Shaffer (4th), Connor Old (9th)

JV Girls - Riley Michaud (1st), Hannah Walker (3rd), Isabela Bazan( 6th), Emily McNeice (8th)

JV Boys - Brick Conway (6th), Samual Balboa (9th)


Way to go team!



Varsity Girls are champions at the Berry Clara Bowl! Varsity Boys placed fourth out of thirty teams. Here are the top ten finishers:


Varsity Girls - Abigail Robertson (7th)

Varsity Boys - Zac Shaffer (5th)


Awesome job Raiders!

Our season started with a 2 mile race at the Battle of the Fairways in Canton. Both the Elite Boys and Girls teams finished in 2nd place. Walton had numerous top ten finishers in each category:


Elite Girls - Ellen Chamberlain(7th)

Elite Boys -  Connor Old (4th), Zac Shaffer (5th), Alex Helms (9th)

Varsity Girls - Riley Michaud (3rd), Hannah Walker (4th), Zelda Williams (8th), Isabela Bazan (10th)

Varsity Boys - Evan Sommers (1st), Harrison Waddell (4th), Caden Kelly (8th)

JV Girls - Ellie Cramer (7th), Anna Pachon (8th)

JV Boys - Wylie Bingham (3rd), Brick Conway (4th)


Great way to start the season.