Making the Team/Lettering

Qualifying/Competition Standards

12 Minute Run Standards 9th, 10th, 11th, or 12th graders MUST meet the minimum number of laps for their grade level to participate on the Walton Cross Country team for 2019.


We will have three 12 minute runs for athletes to meet the standard (see schedule for specific dates).  


# of Laps Pace per Lap Grade/Gender
6 – ¼    1:55 9th Girl
6 – ½  1:51 10th Girl
6 – ¾ 1:47 11th Girl
7 1:43 12th Girl
7 –  ¼ 1:39 9th Boy
7 – ½ 1:36 10th Boy
7 – ¾ 1:33 11th Boy
8 1:30 12th Boy


Cross Country Lettering Criteria

Any team member meeting one of the following criteria will receive a varsity letter.


By Time:
Girls      Boys      Grade
22:45     18:30      9th Grade, 1st Year 10th
22:30     18:15      2nd Year 10th & 11th
22:00     18:00      Seniors


By Place: Varsity Competition
Region County
Girls Top 25 Top 15
Boys Top 30 Top 20


By Team Rank: Based on accumulation of team points in varsity competition. Top seven (7) to letter. Top twelve (12) when a team qualifies for state.


By Accumulation of Team Points: 7 x # of varsity meets plus # on team that finishes the season = Points.
A Senior who has not lettered, but has participated two years and shown an average rate of improvement.


By Coaches Discretion: For outstanding performance but fails to meet one of the above criteria.


Loss of letter and/or award:

  • For conduct not becoming of a team member: lack of team support, lack of effort, failure to complete season in good standing.
  • Unexcused Absence: Runner will lose opportunity to compete that week. An absence will be considered unexcused if a runner fails to advise a coach. Three (3) unexcused absences will lead to suspension from the team. Every competing runner must be at practice the day before a meet.
  • Runner held out at coaches’ decision will receive his/her average number of points.